9 Things You Need To Know About Torrus

Torrus is an innovative controller for mobile virtual reality experiences. It has a plug & play mentality, where all you need to do is connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone to begin your virtual reality experience. Here are nine things you need to know about what Torrus does and how it works.


  1. Bluetooth controller. Torrus works with BLE 4 and has BLE 5 enable, for an optimal fast and reliable gaming experience. It is fast and easy to connect Torrus to your smart phone.


  1. You can use it with any phone & most VR mobile headsets. As simple as that, be it an Iphone or an Android device, if it can connect with Torrus via Bluetooth, you can use it or your VR experiences.


  1. Eye resolution trackpad. It has a smooth trackpad that makes scrolling, clicking, selecting or any other action easy, all while fitting inside the palm of your hand. Perfect for any sort of virtual reality experiences.


  1. Tracked: Torrus uses smart algorithms that allows for a “tracked” experience, where moving your arms around in real life translates to your arms moving in the game. It achieves this without inside-out tracking, or outside-in tracking. There is no need to install base stations around the room for your movements to be tracked. With extremely low drift over an extended period of playing time, it feels natural and makes your VR experiences so much more fun.


  1. Multiplayer. Torrus works with all sort of multiplayer experiences. You can enjoy countless hours of multiplayer content over the internet with your friends, or anyone else!


  1. Accessories. Torrus can be used by itself as a trackpad, or used with some accessories, for optimal playing experience. Torrus itself is a beacon, attaching it to a gun or wand only makes the experience better. Like playing most racket or bat sports with the wand, or even casting spells! The wand provides you the perfect grip and buttons to make the most out of your experience. While the gun makes your fps experiences much more enjoyable.


  1. Lightweight. It is lightweight and comfortable to use. That says it all. Torrus is just big enough for the trackpad to be comfortable to use, all while being extremely light and having all the functionalities you might need during a mobile VR gaming session.


  1. Occlusion is never an issue. Since it does not rely on either outside-in tracking or inside-out, the controllers do not have to be seen by another device. It does not matter if you put your hands behind your back or to the sides. You will always have uninterrupted gameplay.


  1. Use it anywhere. Be it in your bedroom, living room, garage, kitchen, basement, yard, anywhere. Torrus works anywhere you want it to work, even direct sunlight won’t affect your experience. Perfect way to play games and enjoy the outdoors at the same time!

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