Torrus Developer Program

Join us in making the next big thing. We are looking for partner developers to try out our prototypes and try and play around with it. We will provide full support to help you. This developer program is an invitation to develop apps and plugins for our system, depending how well the app fits with Torrus, we would gladly offer to the buyers of Torrus. A great way to put your skills to the test and get an extra source of revenue while at it.

Start Developing Now

To start developing you will need…

Our Goal : One controller to rule them all

The whole concept of Torrus is that of being a compatible, multi functional controller. One that can be adapted to any mobile VR experience. It connects through different communication protocols, making it both easy to use and versatile. This versatility will allow Torrus users to have access to a much larger library of games. As a developer your help is much appreciated, be it in creating plugins making Torrus even more versatile. Another important aspect would be to develop light mobile apps that focuses on gameplay rather than graphics, perfect for a mobile VR experience. An app would take advantage of the unique tracking that Torrus utilizes, making games one of a kind.

Choose your battles

… will it be the red pill or the blue pill ?

Beacon Software

Develop the embedded software for the nRF52832 BLE controller, improve the communication protocol and emulate other Gamepads. The software is based on Arduino.


Let’s finally make some good mobile VR content together ! Create multiplayer games and add more interactions. Any help and ideas are appreciated, as well as collaborating on larger projects.


Make Torrus compatible with everything ! Unity, Unreal Engine, Arduino, iOS… It requires to develop many plugins to make Torrus as easy to use as possible.


Torrus is made to be connected to more accessories. Transform it into a gun, add more IMUs for kinematic, make a light saber, anything is possible ! That requires to develop electronic boards, code the communication layer with Torrus and maybe even design 3D models.

Join the bright side of the Force

Be part of the resistance and bring your energy to creating the best VR controller and the best games ! Defeat the dark forces by making it compatible with every VR headset, platforms and game engines.