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    Jules Thuillier

    Hello to you, adventurer of the new VR worlds ! And welcome to our new community ! If you are on a quest for better VR experiences, want to make VR accessible and loves writing a few lines of codes, well this is the good place for you =)

    We are all here to help each other, so please remember that, because none bad behaviour will be tolerated here… at all.

    Now please feel free to jump to the other sections that will be (I hope) much more interesting than this introduction. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help or guidance young Padawan 😉

    May the Force be with you…

    (Yes there might be plenty of sci-fi movies / geek references along the topics, that’s the way things are here…)


    One last thing before I leave : don’t hesitate to introduce yourselfto the rest if the community by commenting below 😉

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