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Looking into opening your VR Arcade / LBE ? 

This page is made for you ! We will show you why multiplayer arcades are better, and to make it profitable. Those last years we have seen hundreds of new VR LBE (Location Based Entertainment) open their, some flourished and some had to close. Still LBE are currently the best way for people to learn and try VR and there is a lot of interest in those types of business.

Without large scale tracking, people need to be separated in small box

Why true Multiplayer is better ?

Almost every VR Arcade and experiences that exist are single player, or what I would call “box multiplayer” meaning that you play with other people but each one is in a separate box. They are mostly two reasons behind that :

  1. All the games are designed for single player as the VR Headset tracking are designed for a small space. 
  2. Large scale position tracking is super expensive, we are talking about 1000$ per square meter. So a 100k$ for 100m2, just for the tracking.

Therefore we only see Arcade offering to play VR Games and try VR Headset, but if you are ready to buy a VR Headset you will end up with the same experience at home. Obviously everyone is not ready to buy a VR headset because it is still quite expensive (it is more the Gaming PC that is required that’s expensive) but we believe this won’t be the case for long. We can already start seing this with the Oculus Go and now the Oculus Quest ! So what will happen when people have their headset at home ? No need to go in a VR Arcade to have the same experience.

Well it’s time for change ! Our goal with Torrus package is to help you offer something that cannot be replicated at home, something unique because the experience is shared with friends and family. We allow people to play side to side, creating memories. True multiplayer with people in the same room interacting with each other is the only way to really create a connection and make the experience even more immersive.

Get recurring users

The next big thing for VR Arcade is to find a way to keep users coming back. To do so you need to be able to offer either an experience with high replayability ratio, or multiple experiences. Today the few multiplayer VR Arcade offer only a few experiences (usually 1 to 3 different games), and most games are “exploratory” which mean that a good part of the game is to explore a new environment. The problem with exploratory games is they have low replayability ratio, once you have discovered the environment there is not many reason to do it again. It is like doing the same scenario in an escape room all over : not quite fun.

Our goal at Torrus is to bring you many games with high replayability value ! To bring many we won’t develop them ourselves : we work with game studios that are looking for a new channel of revenue and will adapt their games or create exclusive content for Torrus. Therefore if you need also exclusive content just for your Arcade we can get it to your through our panel of partners.

We are currently starting with a few games and we are planning to provide you about 10 contents by the end of 2020.

Optimise your operations

Operating a arcade can be costly if you don’t pay attention. At Torrus we bring you the right tools to get started and optimise your operations. First during the installation we have a training period to explain how to handle the clients, one step at a time to maximise the number of games you can run per hour. We will show you how to equip the players, and give them the best and simplest explanations to avoid having to take too much time to help them understand how to play.

We also created a Dashboard to control the Games and hardware being used in the room. It can start all the Games at once without touching the players PC, notify you for low battery or problems and many other features.  

Torrus Arena
Torrus Arena

A look at the numbers

 As a Business owner, you want to make it profitable, obviously ! Therefore below we will go trough an estimation of the potential revenue you could be making. Note that below informations are quite conservative, based on studies of current VR Arcade, usage calculations and business reports.
Let’s first set a few variables

Area and players

  • 50m2 (40m2 of game area + 10m2 desk and briefing room)
  • We recommend at least 8m2 per player
  • 16 players max


  • Arcade opened  40 hours per week
  • Utilization rate: 30%
  • Games played per hour: 3
  • Average players per games: 4
  • Game duration: 15 minutes


  • Ticket price per player for 1 game: 12$ (equivalent to 0.8$ per minute)
  • Estimated Revenue per month: 6 900$/month
  • Estimated Revenue per month per square meter: 138$/month/m2


  • Torrus game cost: 1.8$ / player / game (0.12$/min)
  • Estimated Cost per month: 1 037$ 

Initial Investment

  • 6 players
  • 50m2

Per player cost

  • for PC based system : 5 000$
  • for Android based system : 1 500$

Per arcade cost

  • Spectator PC with control dashboard : 4 000$
  • Installation : 5 000$
  • Tracking system : 10 000$
Total Cost
  • Estimated cost for PC based headsets : 45 000$ (For details contact us)
  • Estimated cost for Standalone headsets : 20 000$


Of course you have to take in account an operator salary, and the business place rental, but once now those numbers, you can quickly know your time to profit. It should be within a few months 🙂


How to get started ?

 You are interested in learning more about our offer ? Send us an email describing your project and needs !