Equip yourself with an immersive experiences kit to make your space attractive.

Immerse your visitors in an interactive universe where they use their own bodies to play and have fun. Our gallery of mini-games offers a variety of engaging experiences, customizable for every occasion.

Give a new dimension
to your space

Discover the ImmersiCase, your ideal partner for creating exceptional immersive experiences! Whether you’re an event organizer, a shopping center looking to energize your space, or even a game room or entertainment center aiming to offer your clientele an unforgettable experience, the ImmersiCase perfectly adapts to your needs. It transforms every venue into a captivating and fully customized adventure.

Control the experience with your body

Use your arms

Lateral movement

Aiming the target with the ball


Games for all tastes !

Get ready to become the undisputed champion of the track by jumping, sprinting, and breaking records in this thrilling race!

Control a bar with your body to collect objects and score points while avoiding traps, thus facing a formidable opponent.

Chickens have invaded the village. You must eliminate as many of them as possible within a set time by shooting them with a foam ball.

Hone your shooting skills with training sessions.

What Immersicase contains

A touch-sensitive tablet for easy system management and configuration. 

An integrated tracking camera to capture movement and interact with games using gesture detection. 

A high-quality video projector capable of projecting sharp, bright images on a wall or floor

Explore our gallery of mini-games. Select from a variety of fun experiences to suit your preferences and add a touch of entertainment.

Creating competition

Would you like to create an exciting competition or organise a unique teambuilding event? With features specially designed to encourage team play and friendly competition, you can create unforgettable multiplayer experiences. Organise exciting competitions, challenge your friends and colleagues, and keep track of the scores in real time.

Customised development

Do you have a specific project in mind that you want to bring to life? The ImmersiCase is your perfect ally for bringing your imagination to life.
TorrusVR offers services such as :

  • Customising the experience to reflect your brand image
  • Creating tailor-made experiences and applications to suit your needs (training, education, onboarding, etc.)

You have the power to create an immersive experience that reflects your image. By encouraging your users to immerse themselves (ranking, statistics, etc.) and encouraging cohesion and excitement around the experience.

Customise the platform to suit your needs, and deliver an unforgettable experience to your audience.

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Development of Immersive Experiences

Technologies immersives

Realité Virtuelle (RV)
Realité Augmentée (RA)
Computer Vision
Projection Mapping
Jeux vidéos

Système embarqué

Internet des objets (IoT)
Industry 4.0
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