Making Torrus easy to programm

Now we are really getting started here ! How to program Torrus ? Torrus is based on an nRF52832, and is usually programmed in C using an interface chip called CMSIS-DAP. That programming chip can be found in nRF52 dev … Continue Reading

Torrus PCB V1.2 : Serial Programming

I have just finished adding a few updates to Torrus PCB ! CP2104 FTDI chip to programm Torrus over USB port Battery reading Fix switch footprint Voltage regulator at 3.3V to avoid frying the chips Adjusting battery charging speed MPU9250 … Continue Reading

The ugly truth behind using the HID protocol

Once upon a time, a protocol was created so all Human Interface Devices could communicate using the same language. What a beautiful world it was… One where keyboards, mice and gamepads were all using the same HID protocol ! Then … Continue Reading

9 Things You Need To Know About Torrus