Torrus: Take Control of Your VR Experience

Torrus makes virtual reality accessible. It is a controller that allows you to have all sorts of virtual reality experiences.  Track your movements with no cameras. It is precise and smooth. Say goodbye to occlusion and hello to Torrus.

The Star of the Show

A virtual reality controller that is ideal for any experience


Torrus has an eye precision trackpad, that allows for accurate and comfortable gameplay.

Interact in VR

Mobile VR lacks interaction and control. Well it used to, but not anymore, because Torrus is here.


Simple. Connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone and play.


Your movements are tracked, with no cameras, just kinematics. It is light and gives you freedom to do what you want.


Compatible with Android and iOS, and with the help of plugins you can experience all sorts of games.


Single player, or multiplayer. You can experience it alone or with friends online.

Unleash the potential of mobile VR!

Like everything, virtual reality is content driven, and we understand that. Yet we don’t want to simply provide more content, but explore the untapped opportunities that exist within mobile virtual reality. Above all, allow for incredible multiplayer experiences. Torrus want to go beyond and create better and more interactive, virtual reality experiences.

Infinite Possibilities

Tech Specs

Eye resolution trackpad

Bluetooth 4 with 5 enabled


7.5ms, 120 Hz

Android & Iphone Compatible

Become part of Torrus Community

Join Torrus open source initiative and start hacking ! Plug new sensors via the expansion and make your own tracked light saber, emulate controllers, work on the plugins for extra compatibility. Let’s start making great mobile VR experiences !

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