Increase your profitability

With a higher revenue per square meter than usual VR Arcades

Get recurring players

By offering multiple games instead of a single experience

Avoid obsolescence

By offering a unique experience that we cannot reproduce at home

Free roaming

Break down boundaries and offer a a True multiplayer large scale experience to your clients. Torrus is currently allowing up to 6 players over 100m2

Higher margins

Free roaming multiplayer experiences are often sold at a higher price per minute, and will increase your revenue per m2 (learn more)

Shorter briefing

As it is a multiplayer experience, you can brief everybody at once and save on operating expenses

Avoid obsolescence

Free roaming is a unique experience that can only be offered at specific locations, while standard VR Games will quickly become more affordable

Natural experience

If you need to walk, walk, if you need to shoot, we give you a gun! It requires less explanations than usual VR Games

Get the Games!

Recurring players

Our games are designed to have a high replay value, in addition to having multiple experiences to offer in the same room

Target a wide audience

All our games are made to be social and multiplayer, and each will address a different population : hardcore gamers as much as amateurs

Pay as you go

The games are accessible on a pay per use model at 16 cents per minute per player. Only pay for what you need !

Need custom content ?

We work with Games Studios around the world to bring new games, adapt existing content and create new concept from scratch. We can supply exclusive custom content just for your needs !

Keep control

ToRRus Gaia Dashboard gives you control over all your VR Hardware : start all the games at once with one click of a button. Get notified when a player has low battery or when the game is over. Optimise your operations with one software to control the experience.

Ready to open your LBE ?

Let us know about your project and we will evaluate how we can help you bring it to life !

"A turnkey solution for your multiplayer VR Arcade"​

We provide everything you need to get started : from the hardware to the installation and games. Torrus brings you peace of mind, with only one person to talk to, support and assistance. Our all in one service and solution make Torrus based Arcades very scalable !

Cost per Arcade

  • Spectator server PC
  • Network equipment
  • Tracking system
  • Installation

Cost per User

  • PC
  • VR Headset
  • Gun
  • Controller


  • Access to the catalog
  • Arcade control dashboard
  • Pay per use

Get a Quotation

Tell us about your project

Therefore we can make sure our offers match yours needs as well as possible and provide you with the best solutions

Describe your setup

How many players do you want ? What is your room size and ceiling height ?

Anything specific ?

Let us know if you require some customisation (content, branding, specific usage etc)