Building Better Scooters: How Torrus Helped Red Electric Thrive

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Red Electricis a Paris-based start-up that manufactures and markets a new range of electric scooters for private and professional use. The project is as ambitious as it is interesting, with a number of software and hardware dependencies. The scooters contain a dashboard screen to which the phone application can be connected, enabling navigation and other functions to be managed.

Red Electric needed to strengthen its development team from time to time by relying on service providers. TorrusVR assisted Red E with several types of technology:

  • API integration work on a web backend in order to connect together the order management system and the task management system.
  • Adding functionality, testing and resolving bugs in iOS and Android applications, in particular Bluetooth and geolocation technologies.
  • Evaluation of applications, advice on development and UX methodology, implementation of testing processes.

    In our opinion, TorrusVR’s real added value in this project was their experience in application development management and their advice on setting up testing and release tools and processes to avoid falling into the usual problems of technology start-ups (lack of documentation, introduction of bugs and regressions, shaky software architecture that won’t hold up in the long term, lack of properly documented testing and bug feedback).

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