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VR Tracker is a company offering optical position tracking technologies using active infrared markers and cameras.

The image on the right shows the latest version of the active marker we designed for VR Tracker. Measuring just 30x30mm, it is packed with features:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0 radio nRF52840.
  • Lithium battery with induction charger (the coil is clearly visible at the top of the image) and USB.
  • NFC (coil on the right).
  • Expansion port for connecting other sensors (i2c, spi), including inertial body tracking sensors.
  • Haptic driver for precise control of vibrating motors.
  • IMU: 9DOF inertial sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic).
  • Bluetooth software update.
  • RGB LED.
  • 2 push buttons.
  • Charge indicators.
  • Infrared LED for camera tracking.

The circuit was designed entirely using Eagle software.

We sent the first prototypes for manufacture to specialist companies with whom we have worked for a long time and whose reliability we were able to test. On receipt of the prototypes, a test and validation stage using equipment such as logic analysers, microscopes and oscilloscopes enabled us to check that everything was functional and improve certain points.

Then the final circuits went into production and VR Tracker was able to sell several hundred of them!

We went on to work on many other versions, and additional circuits such as programmers, expansion cards, etc.

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