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In a constantly evolving world, businesses must innovate to adapt to new challenges, particularly those posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is in this context that Buga, a company specialized in gamifying training and recruitment activities, turned to TorrusVR to develop its projects.

Together, we have redefined training management, meetings, and team-building activities, thus offering businesses an innovative approach tailored to the constantly changing professional world.


A new virtual world for businesses

Buga World offers much more than just a simple SaaS platform. It’s a total immersion into an online universe designed to recreate informal exchanges and strengthen team cohesion. Accessible directly from your web browser, this solution provides meeting spaces and private areas, enriched with features tailored to organizers. Interact with your peers, communicate via the integrated chat, and participate in team buildings animated by gamified educational content. Also, embark on the Corporate Metaverse, an immersive web space, where you can build connections with new arrivals (ONBOARDING), collaborate effectively remotely (MEETING), enhance your teams’ skills with gamified modules (TRAINING), and share friendly moments to boost motivation.

    BUGA LEARN : a training plateform

    Buga Learn is the comprehensive solution for training organizations. This centralized portal provides learners with an optimal experience, complemented by specific features dedicated to trainers. With centralized monitoring, track the quality of your training in accordance with Qualiopi standards.

    Training Centralization : Buga Learn enables companies to consolidate their training in a positive and engaging manner within a virtual universe.

    Training Monitoring : Participants can track their training in detail, with a focus on gamification to make learning more engaging.

    Identification and Attendance : Buga Learn offers secure identification via account creation and passwords, allowing trainers to verify user attendance.

    Feedback and Evaluation : Participants can provide feedback on each training module, while trainers can also offer feedback after the training.

    Self-Positioning : Buga Learn integrates self-positioning tests before and after training to measure learner progress.


      • Scalability : The software must be able to handle a large number of simultaneous connections, reaching up to 10,000 and more in the long term. A scalable networking solution is essential to ensure optimal performance.
      • User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) : The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive, tailored to an audience of over 40 years old. The use of the mouse and, optionally, the keyboard, is preferred for the user experience.

      What about you ? 

      At TorrusVR, we are experts in developing customized solutions to meet your needs. BugaWorld, designed in partnership with Buga, is the perfect example of our ability to innovate and create unique interactive tools. If you have similar ideas or projects, we are ready to bring them to life. Our team is here to advise, guide, and provide you with personalized solutions.

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