Elevating Brand Promotion: Interactive Slot Machine Experience at SPACE Salon

Eureden's Innovative Approach to Brand Promotion

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Eureden, a leading company in the agri-food sector, recently participated in the SPACE Salon (International Livestock Show), held from September 12th to 14th 2023. To make its presence known at this event, Eureden conceived an innovative interactive experience: a slot machine operated by buzzers aimed at promoting the various brands of the group (d’aucy, Paysan Breton, Aubret, Jean-Nicolas, Cocotine).

This initiative at the SPACE Salon echoes our previous success at the 2022 Agricultural Show, where we were also engaged in a similar project.

The objective is to promote the brands in a fun and innovative way while capturing the attention of the target audience.

What we developed

The project included several essential elements:

  • Development and customization of the virtual slot machine application to meet the specific needs of Eureden.
  • Integration of the group’s graphic charter into the application, ensuring visual consistency with the brand.
  • Integration of the interactive quiz system via buzzers, allowing participants to test their knowledge about the various brands of the group.


Participants were able to start the game by pressing the buzzer of their choice. If the three wheels displayed identical logos, the player had the opportunity to answer a specific question about that brand. The questions were randomly and evenly selected, with three answer choices. In case of a correct answer, the player won a brand goodie. If the logos did not align, the player had the option to try again later.

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