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A new entertainment venue has recently opened its doors in La Rochelle, offering playful experiences including 4 action game rooms, all set in the atmosphere of an Inca temple.

Our team was called upon to contribute to the setup of these rooms, skillfully blending traditional entertainment with a modern touch. Our mission was to gamify the space by integrating technological elements, thus creating even more immersive entertainment experiences.

A quick reminder: Action game rooms are physical spaces where participants can play live-action games, in teams, with specific challenges in each room, requiring players’ skill and reflexes.

What we develop …

Tablet Application
An application developed by us for tablets allows users to create their teams, while administrators can monitor the status of rooms and ongoing games in real-time, as well as assign credits to players.

Team Creation and Credit Purchase
System We have implemented a system that enables players to create their own teams using tablets provided to them. Once the team is created, each player can purchase credits that grant them access to the action game rooms. This approach streamlines the organization of visitor groups and enables transparent management of reservations and payments. Each player is also equipped with an RFID bracelet, simplifying their access to different rooms and adding an interactive dimension to their experience. This self-service management reduces the workload for on-site staff, allowing them to focus on the essentials.

Scoreboard Display
To enhance the competitive aspect of the experience, a large screen displays the scores of the teams currently playing. Visitors can also check their rankings (monthly, yearly) at the end of each game, which motivates them to replay and beat the high score!

Electronic and Software
Development for the Rooms Each room incorporates a display screen to track the game, provide instructions to players, and monitor time and points. All these games were designed by Torrus VR and developed on the Unity3D Game Engine. To interact with the games, we had to interface dozens of electronic sensors and actuators (fans, buzzers, lights, distance sensors, weight sensors, and many more…). We created our own electronic boards and embedded software within record time to meet these needs for interfacing the room with the game.

Remote Access
In order to ensure remote monitoring, all Mini PCs, databases, and electronic boards are accessible remotely. We can monitor their status remotely, perform updates to games, operating systems, and even embedded software! In case of any issues, we can intervene within an hour.


One of the main challenges of this project was to install everything in less than 3 months so that the game room could open to the public for the holiday season.

Despite the challenges related to tight deadlines and coordination with other trades, we mobilized to accomplish this ambitious project.

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