Unlocking New Realities: Exploring Meta Quest’s Mixed Reality Features

Exploring the Future of Mixed Reality Gaming

Mixed Reality | Virtual Reality Headset

Test : Meta Quest 3

We had the opportunity to exclusively test the brand new Meta Quest 3 and explore its revolutionary mixed reality features! This virtual reality headset pushes the boundaries of immersion by combining the real and virtual worlds, paving the way for new sensory experiences.

Our objective was clear: to demonstrate how technological advancements, such as those of the Meta Quest 3, can transform not only entertainment but also education, training, and much more.

To illustrate this, we developed a captivating mini-game that fully utilizes the mixed reality capabilities of the Meta Quest 3. The game features virtual ball and racket in a real-world environment. The goal is simple: to bounce the ball off the walls of the room to break as many bricks as possible. Thanks to the Meta Quest 3’s color cameras, we perceive our real environment while interacting with the virtual world.

We also experimented with various advanced features, such as the Passthrough system, which allows us to see our environment in color, thus providing a more immersive experience. Additionally, the integration of the Depth API enabled us to obtain precise depth information, offering a more natural interaction with our virtual environment.

Among the other fascinating features of the Meta Quest 3, we explored the possibility of 3D scanning our room to identify walls and add virtual objects, as well as implementing a bullet time mechanic to slow down time and better position ourselves.

In summary, the use of mixed reality with the Meta Quest 3 opens up exciting new possibilities, whether for training, multiplayer experiences, or simply for deeper immersion in our daily interactions. With this revolutionary technology, the future of virtual reality looks promising.



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